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Thirukkozhi or Uraiyur

Thirukkozhi or Uraiyur Temple

Uraiyur Azhagiya Manavalan : This is one of 108 Divya Desams sung by Tirumangaialwar, Kulasekharaalwar.

Deities: Azhagiya Manavalar (in a standing posture) facing north, with his consort Kamalavalli in the same sanctum in a seated posture are the presiding deities here. There is no separate sanctum for Thayar here.There is no festival image for Perumaal. The festival image of Ranganathar is brought in procession from Srirangam to commemorate his marriage with Senkamalavalli.

Sthala Puranam:

Once upon a time, there was a discussion among the great rishis that among Trimurthies, who is the greatest. But in that discussion also, they could not come to a conclusion that who is great amongst the Trinity. Finally, all the rishis thought it would be helpful for them to find the answer for this if they could get the sugesstion from the great muni, Brighu. They all explained about the discussion they had among them and said he is the right person to find a solution for this and clear their doubts whats there in their minds. Brighu muni also accepted their words and told them he would give an answer that would clear all of their doubts.

First, he went to Kailasam where Lord Shivan and Godess Parvathi reside. But, in the entrance itself, Brighu muni was stopped by the Dwara Balakaas as the residing deities are all alone and doesnt want them to get disturbed. As he got this kind of answer in Kailash, he thought he could not be the right person who might help his devotees as he was not easy to talk with. As he was disappointed by this activity, he then left to Sathya Lokam where Lord Brahma and Godess Saraswathi reside.

There also he could not meet Brahma devan and he began to think what he thought when he went to Kailasam. Finally, he went to Sri Vaikuntam where Sriman Narayanan and Godess Sri Laksmi reside. As Brighu muni enetered Vaikuntam, he was greeted in a good manner and this first action made him to think that Sriman Narayanan is the right person to whom all persons and rishis can seek help and can have a direct approach towards him. Sriman Narayanan offered him with the seat and did the Paadha Pooja for him. But this action of Sri Vishnu made Sri Lakshmi to think bad and asked Him not to catch hold of his feet. But, this action of Sri Lakshmi made Brighu muni to get angry and cursed Her that she would born in the world as an ordinary human. But Sri Lakshmi felt very sad for the Curse she got from Brighu muni but Sriman Narayanan said that all the actions are happening according to their fates only and added that he will follow Her soon towards the earth.

At the same time in the earth, a king by named Dharma Varman lived in Kumbakonam, Chozha Naadu. Once he went out for hunting and found that the rishis were being distressed by some demons and seeked the help from the king. Dharma Varman said that he will help them from the demons by killing them and he stayed in the forest for sometime. The King was happy for all the reason but only one thing made him worry and disappoint and that is he had no children. He seeked the help of the rishis to hep him out to get a child. So, to help the king, all the rishis did a Yagam to get a child for the king. At that time, an Asareeri stated that if he want to get a child he should pray towards Sri Lakshmi and as a result, Sri Lakshmi itself will be born as a child to him. Hearing this, he started to pray towards Sri Lakshmi and finally, a female child was born to him and was kept a name as “Kamalavalli” and “Vara Lakshmi”.

As the days went on, Dharma Varman started to seek a perfect groom for his daughter and announced a Swayamvaram for that. Lots of kings came for this and at the same time, Sriman Narayanan also came there as one among the grooms. In that hall, when Sri Lakshmi came, she had a look at all the members in the hall and at the same time, she also noticed Sriman Narayanan and went straight towards Him without any delay and Garlanded him. All the persons saw this wedding of Sri Vishnu and Sri Lakshmi and the king raised a temple for Sri Ranganathar in Kalyana Thirukkolam.

In this sthalam, Periya Pirattiyar is giving her seva in two different ways. One is Irundha seva and the other one is Kidantha seva. Combining these both sevas, she is giving the seva “Urayum” (from sitting seva to sleeping seva) seva, this temple is called “Thiru Urayoor”.

The Utsavam done here starts on Aayilya Nakshathiram in Panguni month that lasts for 10 days. On the first day of Panguni Uthiram, Sri Ranganathar comes from Sri Rangam and stay in Urayoor. And on Panguni Uthiram, he marries Kamalavalli Naachiyar and give his Kalyana Kola Seva to his Bhakthas. Only Moolavar is found in this sthalam. There is no Utsavar here. Since, Arangan married Kamalavalli Naachiyaar, Utsavar of Srirangam is said to be the Utsavar for this Thirukkozhi sthalam too. There is no Brahmotsavam conducted in this divya desam.

Every year,during Panguni, Lord Ranganatha, in all his splendour, leaves the Srirangam temple at 4am to take the 6 km journey across the Cauvery in a golden palanquin to meet his beloved Kamalavalli Naachiyar for the ‘Kalyana Utsavam’(marriage festivities). On this auspicious day in the month of Panguni, the entire marriage formalities between Lord Ranganatha and Kamalavalli Nachiyar is enacted at the Uraiyur Temple. Lord Ranganatha takes the trip back to Srirangam across the Cauvery that same night.At the Uraiyur temple, one can see Kamalavalli Nachiyar in a grand sitting posture, all set to get married. Being the handsome man in wedding attire, Lord Ranganatha here is called ‘Azhagiya Mana Vaalan’.A speciality of this temple is that this is the only Divya Desam (out of the 108) where the Goddess is facing the Northern direction, in this case in the direction of the Srirangam Ranganatha temple.In centuries gone by, devotees used to first visit the Uraiyur Divya Desam, walk across the Cauvery to the Srirangam Ranganatha temple and then across the Coloroon to Uttamar Koil and Tiruvellarai, thus covering four divya desams in one go.Uraiyur is also the birth place of Thiruppaanazhvaar, one of the 12 Azhvaar Saints. There is a separate sannadhi for Tiruppaanazhvaar at the Uraiyur temple. The Tiruppanaazhvaar festival is held in the month of Karthigai(Nov-Dec).

There’s a belief that an Elephant of a Chozha king, which entered this place, was beaten back by a valiant Hen and had to retreat. Hence, this place is also called Kozhiyoor (Kozhi means Hen in Tamil).

Thirumangai Azhvaar has composed one paasuram (song/verse in praise of the Lord).

Koziyum Kadalum Koil Konde, Kovalare Yoppar Kundramanna

Paazhiyum Tozhumore Naankudayaar, Pandivar Thammayaum Kandariyom

Vaazhiyro vivar vanna Mennil, Makadal Ponrular Kaiyil Veiya

Azhiyon Renthiyor Sangu Patri, Acho Oruvar Azhagiyavaa

Moolavar: The Moolavar of this Sthalam is Sri Azhagiya Manavaalan. Srirangam Uthsavar, Namperumal, gets the name Sri Azhagiya Manavalan when he comes to Uraiyur. He is found in Standing position (Nindra thirukkolam), facing his thirumugham towards North direction along with “Prayoga Chakkaram”. Prakthyaksham for Ravidharman and all Devars(330 crores).

The Thayaar of this Sthalam is Sri Kamalavalli Naachiyaar (Vaasakshmi). Also named as “Uraiyur Valli”. She is found in Sitting position(Veetrirundha Kolam) facing North direction. The Position of the Thaayar is similar to position of a Bride who sits along with the Groom during marriage. The above positions are called as “Thirukalyana Avasaram”.

Uthsavar Thaayaar: Sri Kamalavalli Naachiyaar (Sri Vaasa Lakshmi) and Thaayar

Thirunakshatram - Aayilyam (Panguni)Sannadhis: Special sannadhi for Thiruppaan Alwar.


Kulasekara Alwar - 1 PaasuramThirumangai Alwar - 2 Paasuram


Sri Kamala PushkaraniKalyana PushkaraniSurya pushkaraniKudamurutinadhi Pushkarani


The Vimaanam is Kalyana Vimaanam.

How to reach the temple

A number of town buses ply between Trichy (Trichirappalli) Junction/ Srirangam and Uraiyur. The temple is about 4 kms from Trichy Junction.

Temple Timings:The temple is open between 6.30am and 12noon & 4pm and 8pm.

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